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The textures, prints and dimensions of the headscarves are every important to us. We understand the need for a headwrap that will have you covered in all different hairstyles from baldheaded women all the way to women who rock full thick locks!

Our earrings are designed to show out! They are big, chunky, sleek and more importantly compliment our wraps.

About Our Leather


We carefully select our fabrics to ensure they are 100% what they say they are! We believe in fabrics that are soft, easy-care and durable.


Our prints and colours are carefully chosen with women of colour in mind. It is essential the colours chosen fit the wide spectrum of skin tones. 

Our earrings are handmade in Kenya. We design each style with our team and have design transformed into the beautiful rings! 


Our customers are at the centre of what we do, hence, we work closely to ensure our scarves and earrings have a high level of durability. The materials used are carefully chosen and products are inspected to ensure each piece is of a high standard. Our packaging is made to the highest standards to ensure a product that looks good!

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